December 28th, 2011

A Complete Overview of Box Trucks And Their Uses

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delivery-trucks-palletThese massive cargo-on-wheels are no strangers in the road. Sometimes call box vans, box trucks are also called box van or cube van because of the cubed shape characteristic. The British also uses the term to refer to a railway truck or a four wheeled vehicle. These boxes come various sizes but have to be large enough to have furniture to fit in. The standard sizes for the box van is 4 to 7 m in length.

Most people will mistake a cargo van and the box trucks, but there’s a difference between the two. This is important to know because it may be useful during an investigation. Unlike cargo vans, box trucks are separate from the cab.

A box truck or the dry van body is usually integrated with the cargo area which allows the cab to be an access to the cargo area. The door on the rear side uses a roll-up door like that of a garage door.

Hauling services those who help in moving furniture and other heavy equipments from one place to the other uses these types of vehicles. Box vans are used by U-Haul and Ryder while the cargo vans are used by FedEx and UPS during deliveries. They can be rented by individuals, offices or other types of companies to move appliances, equipment or furniture. To find out more about these trucks a good resource on it is since it is geared towards buying trucks for business owners.

There are individuals and even businessmen who find used box trucks very useful. They usually use it as an extra space for recreational activities especially when wanting to have a private getaway from the main house. By simply having a small pool table, TV and a coach over, it can be comfortable entertainment room. Another way to utilize the extra space is to make it a guestroom. When there’s limited space at the main house, this can provide a more comfortable area instead of having guests sleep over the coach. The box vans are also perfect in providing a storage space for tools or the old stuff to be stored away.

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